Saturday, November 26, 2005

So that's a quick update on my photographic experience so far... I hope to start posting comments on new techniques I discover ( new to me! at any rate ), and links to any other cool galleries I may find. All in all , I think I am slowly improving as a photographer. So what are the symptoms of this?
  • I take less shots, but more are keepers.
  • I spend more time setting up shots.
  • My friends are saying 'did you really take that?'
  • The comments on my pbase gallery are getting better!

So what are the key things I have learned along the way?

  • A tripod is worth its weight in gold
  • It's better to underexpose than overexpose
  • Always shoot RAW, the price of another CF card is insignificant compared to losing that shot
  • You really need to learn to post process. Even the best shot straight from the camera benefits from a little pp.
  • There are loads of photographers who are better than you. ( just look at the pbase popular galleries! ) , so it pays to take advice.
  • You never stop learning!


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