Wednesday, November 23, 2005

As a keen amateur photographer, I thought I would attempt to gather together some tips, post my own experiences and photographs.

I've been getting more into photography for the past few years now, it all started when I bought a FUJI 6900, an SLR-Like camera which at the time I thhought was amazing. Over time though I found that I just couldn't get the shots I wanted. The DOF control wasn't good enough, the shutter lag was proving more and more problematic, the electronic viewfinder made manual focusing impossible, etc

So I decided to buy a digital SLR. At the time there were only really two affordable options the Canon 300D and the Nikon D70. In truth, I bought the Nikon largely on how it felt in my hand. Yes, it had a few other nice features such as virtually no start up time, spot metering and fast write times ( all things that seemed to answer some of the things that annoyed me about the fuji ).

That was April 2004. As I wanted the camera that day ( im impatient ), I could only find the 28-80g kit, and the body only. I did want the 18-70dx kit, and in hindsight should have been more patient.

I loved the camera imediately, it seemed to answer all of my problems. I was really impressed with the initial shots ( I was shooting jpg at the time, as I hadn't discovered the wonderful world of RAW ). Some of my early shots are still some of my favourites.


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